Starting Fresh with Food, Farming, & Gardening -Sam Studnitzer with DeAndrae Hughes


I remember the first time I met DeAndrae. We were both interns for the Food Literacy project, and it was our first day of work. While I was energized with a youthful spirit, DeAndrae had a calmness and maturity that was far beyond his years. I would later find out that he had worked from 9pm to 6am at a gas station the previous night. Our work at the Food Literacy Project started at 9am. We would get out at 3pm. Over the past 9 weeks I have gotten to know DeAndrae pretty well. I have witnessed his dedication, his warmth, and his outgoing attitude firsthand. “Starting Fresh with Food, Farming, & Gardening” is a portrait of the kind of person that DeAndrae is. DeAndrae grew up in a household where fresh food, nevertheless food of any sort was not always available. Yet, at the age of 14, DeAndrae was given a fresh start when he started working as a crew member for the Food Literacy Project’s Youth Community Agriculture Program. Ever since, ┬áDeAndrae has been a part of the Youth Community Agriculture Program. Now at the age of just 20, DeAndrae wants to use the the knowledge he has gained to give others in the Louisville community a fresh start and create gardens throughout the city.


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